Dr. Richard Savage

Richard Savage is a retired doctor living in the south-west of England. Soon after getting married and becoming a general medical practitioner, he came into contact with the Brunstad Christian Church and that became a fundamental milestone in his Christian life. Hearing the sound doctrine of Jesus and the apostles as never before, he and his wife received faith in their hearts for victory over sin and to follow Jesus on the way He went and partake of His life and virtues.

Right from childhood he had always been fascinated by nature. As an only child with few friends, his happiest times would be exploring the countryside, watching the animals and birds, hunting for insects, and collecting fossils, and visiting zoos and museums. It was a great joy for him when he was converted as a medical student to understand from the Bible that God and Jesus had created all things with wisdom and care, and he was filled with worship and praise for what the Father and Son had created together (John 1: 3, Proverbs 8: 30-31).

Bristol Zoo had on its gates a shield with the words “Ask the beasts and they will teach you,” quoting Job 12: 7. From this, and the many different creatures referred to in scripture, there are lessons God wanted to teach us through the animals, and not just to admire and enjoy them. So the thought came to him to write a series of articles, primarily for children to encourage them to learn these wonderful lessons from nature. They were well received, and also grown-ups found them interesting and edifying.